8 Common Women Health Issues

Health is the greatest asset anyone can possess. But, changing lifestyles and imbalances in the immune system have taken a toll on this greatest asset especially in women. Women’s health issues are unique and the effects of a same disease are not the same for men and women. Here are some common health’s issues that women must be aware of as many of the threats to women’s health can be prevented with timely care and a little bit of change in lifestyle.

Heart diseases

Women are more vulnerable to heart diseases than men are and experience the worst impacts of the disease. Besides the worst-case condition, women are more prone to the disabilities and side effects. The major reason why women suffer the worst is that they are diagnosed only at the later stages of the disease or are left undiagnosed. The symptoms are unique to women and are often missed by both patients and doctors.


Lung cancer and breast cancer are the most common types of cancers affecting women. Breast cancer alone stands responsible for about 1% of female deaths worldwide. Regular check-ups and lifestyle changes can reduce the risk of meeting with this unfortunate condition.


Women are more prone to strokes in the recent years. The two main causes of stroke are diabetes and hypertension. Present day women are juggling with various responsibilities both at home and work which leads to mounting stress and problems like hypertension.Diabetes has already become a common disease thanks to junk food, fast foods, unhealthy diet and lack of exercise.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome

Besides the killer diseases, women are the victims of few annoying non-lethal health issues like PCOS. PCOS is an endocrine disorder that affects about 5 to 10 % of women of reproductive age. It causes small cysts in the ovaries and affects the reproductive ability of a woman. The symptoms include loss of hair, obesity, infertility, irregular periods, hirsutism and high insulin.

Weight gain

Obesity or weight gain is a major health issue many women face. Though proper exercise and diet control can combat this issue, women are reluctant to take it up seriously until it becomes too hard to cut down their weight.


Every middle- aged women should start thinking about boosting their bone health more than fixing their wrinkles because osteoporosis can make a woman’s life very bitter. Bone formation typically stops around the age of 30 and focus is shifted towards maintenance of the old bone.Adequate calcium supplements and proper care can save women from hunch backs, arthritis, back pain and frailty caused by this bone crunching situation.


Healthy mind is the way to happy life. Psychological health often takes a backseat when it comes to health concern while in reality it should be given an equal importance. Women are generally the common victims of depression. The hormonal imbalances that a woman undergoes during pregnancy or menopause also trigger depressive episodes.

Autoimmune diseases

This is a group of diseases including diabetes, thyroid problems, lupus, multiple sclerosis and many other chronic illnesses.These disorders where one’s own immune system turns against their own body occur more frequently in women than men. The symptoms are varied and require a thorough health investigation to make a proper diagnosis.

Many of the common health issues that women face can be dealt with ease by adopting a healthy lifestyle, proper exercise and a healthy diet. Women should also pay attention to their bodily changes and get regular check -ups to prevent any unfortunate surprise.

Womens Health Problems Prevention And Cure

Being a woman is not easy they say, and yes, that is definitely true in the health department. Statistically, it is known that women visit their GPs at least twice as often as their male counterparts do. There are many diseases and disorders that are even fundamentally classified as being suffered by women. There is a higher risk of women getting certain illnesses than men, too. So, it makes sense to separate a subset of ‘women’s health’ from the universe of general health and fitness.
Women’s Health Issues

So, if there is such a subset called women’s health, what are the things that come under it? The following are some of the broad headers that come under the realm of women’s health.
• Menstrual Matters
Menstrual problems like dysmenorrhoea (painful periods), menorrhagia (heavy periods), oligomenorrhoea (irregular periods) and pre-menstrual syndrome come under this category. Medications and solutions such as tampons, menstrual pads, period regularizing pills etc. are available for these problems.
• Menopause
The aftermath of a menopause and the symptoms that lead up to it are often a difficult period for most women. Dealing with the weight gain, hot flashes, mood swings, menopausal bleeding etc. is difficult. Problems like perimenopause (premature menopause), acne, itching and night sweats are also treated as menopausal problems.
• Pregnancy
Motherhood is a special gift given only to the womankind. But along with this beautiful gift comes numerous pregnancy related problems. Problems such as ectopic pregnancies, pregnancy complications, pregnancy rhinitis, problems with the amniotic fluid, other physical and emotional pregnancy related problems, etc, are all tackled under this category.
• Miscarriages and Abortions
Miscarriages or spontaneous abortion causes come under this category. Blighted ova, vaginal bleeding, stress related miscarriage, cervicitis, etc explored for the signs, symptoms and causes of miscarriages.
• Gynecological Problems
Gynecological issues relate to all internal problems like prolapsed or enlarged uterus, bicornuate or inverted uterus, blocked fallopian tubes, etc. Any internal dysfunction related to a women’s body, comes under the gynecological umbrella.
• Breast Concerns
Breast cancer, breast inflammation, breastfeeding problems, breast pain and breast reconstruction fall under breast concerns. Even cosmetic surgery related problems that come off breast implants can be broadly classified under this problem category.
• Infertility
Infertility related problems and their solutions are covered under this category. The risks associated with egg donations, the procedure for implantations, etc. also fall under this category of women’s health problems.
• Childbirth
All childbirth related complications, issues and their treatment is handled as a part of this sub section.
• Pre and Post Natal Care
As the name suggests, this category deals with the ‘pre and post’ pregnancy childbirth health concerns. This category also touches upon vitamin and mineral supplements, yoga poses, nutrition, massages and exercise guidelines.
• Sexual Health
Sexual problems, sexual dysfunction and low sex drives are all tackled under this header. The allopathic treatments for these as well as the awareness of STDs, their treatment and prevention fall under this category.
• Eating Disorders
Disorders like anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are fairly common in women today, especially with the obsession with the perfect figure on the rise. These eating disorders fall under this category of women’s health problems.
• Female Urinary Incontinence
Female UTI can be treated with medicines, exercises as well as surgery. These are explored under this category.
• Other Major Illnesses
Bacterial vaginosis, breast tumors, vaginal cancer, cervical cancer, cystitis, hysterectomy related problems, ovarian cysts, varicose veins, etc. are examples of other major illnesses.
• Other Common Problems
Colds, flu, backaches, migraines, acid reflux, constipation, insomnia are some common problems seen in women.
• Other Emotional and Mental Problems
Depression, stress, empty nest syndrome, etc. are all problems of the mental or emotional nature.

The Solution of Generic Medicines
Most women’s health problems can be solved either by exercises and nutritional supplements or with the help of medicines. Medicines include all forms of treatment related medication as well as those that affect the self esteem (like fairness creams, acne reducing creams, stretch marks reducing creams, etc.).
Some Women’s health related medications are prescription drugs and require a doctor’s authorization to buy them. For those as well as others, your local pharmacy should have a good stock of them. Online pharmaceutical websites like ours also supply them at reasonable rates and with short supply durations. Buy generic cialis , generic amoxil online

Herbal Health Supplements For Athletes

Herbal health supplements have numerous benefits especially to an athlete who needs more energy than a common person. Today, we want to be more energetic and we want to do more our daily life. Athletes require more energy. They want to run faster, jump higher, throw longer, play better and win their sporting event.

It is a well proven fact that the steroids involve the risk of health dangers. Athletes were looking for supplements that are safe and are effective in enhancing endurance. Herbal supplements suffice the requirement as they are safe and have very few or no side effects. They reduce the risks manifold that the manufactured steroids and drugs generate. Herbal supplements are an excellent source of energy and strength for an athlete. For example, Ginko Biloba is an herb which can increase an individual’s mental power, it helps in increasing energy levels too. The herb is a safe nutrition supplement for athletes when taken under strict medical supervision.

Common herbs like turmeric and ginger help athletes by boosting their energy levels. Though they are not regarded as energy producing herbs but they help in easy and better digestion of good. As better digestion means more release of energy, these herbs help trigger the release of energy and increase overall energy levels in an athlete. An herb named Gotu Kola was used by Indian Americans as an energy giving tonic. It is believed that this herb facilitates clear thinking in the brain. It also boosts the flow of blood through blood vessels. Another herb named Siberian Ginseng is an herbal supplement for athletes. Athletes from Russia as well as all over the world used to take Ginseng regularly to increase their stamina and reduce their stress. Licorice, is an herb that increases energy levels in an athlete. It arouses the adrenal secretions and reduces the symptoms of allergies.

The best herbal supplements for everyone, including athletes, are manufactured from standardized herbal extracts. This means that they are the finest ingredients available. Look for the herbs that you are interested in at local health food stores. Here are some worth mentioning:
Eleuthero: Helps in increasing oxygenation of body cells. It boosts the enduring power.
Fo-ti- : It provides strength and improves cardiovascular system.
Codonopsis : It is a mild substitute of Ginseng. It strengthens muscles while reducing weakness and stress. It also enhances digestive power and thereby increasing energy levels.
Nettles : They are highly nutritious and are a good source of protein. They counteract fatigue and help in building blood cells.
Dandelion root : This herb helps in improving liver functions. It helps sportspersons to pull through quickly after exercise.
Dipsacus : This herb is known to stimulate metabolism while developing ligaments and bones too. In China, this herb is used for discomfort in lower back and knees.
Cayenne : This natural herb removes toxin in blood. It stimulates entire body.

Herbal supplements for athletes are unique in their own way and are finding their use in all the sporting events in modern times.